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We've gone through the top retailers such as Amazon and Walmart to find the best cheap 4K TV deals that are available online. So if you're ready for the world of Ultra HD take a look at the highlights of the best TV sale prices below. Whether you're looking for an XL 4K TV to serve as the focal point of your home theater system, a modestly sized set for the bedroom or kitchen, or an entry level TV for the kids, you're sure to find something that meets your specifications and budget.

You will find all of our carefully curated deals below.

The Best 4K TV Deals of 12222: 49-Inch 4K Smart TV for $250

We've divided them into three different size categories immediately after our pick for the best cheap TV deal of the week. Whether you want a small TV with a price tag to match or something to show all the colors of the rainbow and a few million more with HDR, we've found plenty of options.

Read on to find the TV you want at a great price! You're not getting Smart features or HDR, but if you're looking for a basic midsize TV as your entryway into 4K, this is an inexpensive option.

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If you have 3 gaming consoles, that will take up 3 ports right there. A soundbar may take up another port.

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If you don't have enough ports you could get an HDMI splitter, but that would add to the cost. Fortunately, the features listed above do not add much to the cost of the TV.

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As you get to pricier TVs, the primarily difference is in picture quality. Multi-zone LED backlighting also improves on black levels by allowing LEDs to completely turn on and off independent of each other. Traditionally Samsung, LG, and Sony have stood at the top of the heap in terms of reputation. They have a proven track record of offering some of the highest quality TVs on the market. However, in recent years, other TV brands have been able to catch up to the point that I would call them equals.

Black Friday TV Deals 12222

Vizio is one of the best selling brands and their M and P-series TVs are just as good as if not better than most of the TVs offered by the "big three". Even more recent newcomer TCL has been combining great quality panels with Roku smart functionality in a very affordable package. In my opinion, the Roku interface is by far the best Smart interface compared to any other TV. Only you will really know what level of picture quality satisfies you. Check the TV out in person at your local store, decide what you are happy with, price compare and check this page , and then make your purchase.

For larger TVs, I would recommend buying from a store that has retail locations that allows online returns, or an online vendor that has an outstanding return policy. It can be very aggravating to return a TV to an online vendor that doesn't have great customer service to begin with. For smaller TVs, breakage is less of an issue and I would just recommend you base your purchase on whatever reputable vendor has it the cheapest.

Most TVs carry a 1-year warranty but if the price is right, extend it to years.

Best 4K HDR TV Buying Advice Black Friday & Holiday 2018 - A Buyer's Guide

It's easier dealing with a local entity that honors your extended warranty than with an overseas manufacturer. You can find my in-depth review of the inch version of this TV here.

The best 4K TV deals for February | What Hi-Fi?

You can find my review of this TV here. This is the inch version of the 82NU highlighted above. The Samsung 65NU Especially as the inch NU benefits from a more highly specified screen than this inch set. One last thing to add before you head off to browse Samsung's big screen bargains is that if you'd like to browse these Samsung side by side with finance options shown, this link to Samsung's site gives you that option.

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