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With meats, cuts are made to order.

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FreshDirect offers more than fresh cuts daily. The company collaborates with local farmers to ensure that livestock are raised with care to further enhance to quality of all fresh cut selections.

Top meat selections include beef, chicken, bison and other game, and lamb. Prepared to cook items include kabobs and skewers, prepared beef, and stir-fry kits. All prepared foods are ready for instant cooking. You can purchase entire meal selections from FreshDirect.

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Choose your desired meal by looking under the "Meals" tab on the company's website. You'll find a selection that includes entrees, side dishes, sauces and marinades, appetizers, and salads. For dessert, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and pies are available for purchase and delivery. Breakfast selections are also available as ready-to-heat-and-eat meals. If you're catering a corporate event, weekend sports party, or a special celebration, FreshDirect offers group-sizes of popular catered items.

Selections include prepared sandwiches, breakfast and brunch munchies, heat and serve appetizers, cold appetizers, and an assortment of sweats. Juice, water, and beer are additional beverage selections available for purchase. Water brands carried include Perrier, Poland Spring, and Dasani.

The company also offers a growing list of organic items. In addition to fresh foods, FreshDirect offers a wide selection of fresh flowers. Seasonal selections include spring tulips, fall chrysanthemums, and hearty hydrangeas. Accessories like vases are also available. Prices, for the most part, are lower than the cost of the same or similar items in Manhattan area supermarkets.

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Prices are equally competitive in other markets. Organic and locally grown items are especially popular among customers. FreshDirect also offers a large selection of kosher foods. The company is also a certified sustainable seafood vendor, with seafood items often caught and processed within a brief period of time to ensure optimal safety and freshness.

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Whether you're entertaining, looking to a take a break from cooking, or looking for the convenience of fresh food deliveries, you're sure to find a reason to visit FreshDirect. One of the company's most popular YouTube videos, show below, emphasizes that the freshness of the seafood selections available from FreshDirect. FreshDirect Lobster Party Rap.

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Further ensure your savings when shopping on FreshDirect. In addition to finding some money-saving coupon codes and promo codes, you'll get the added benefit of knowing that you're helping others in need. What's not to love? FreshDirect on Facebook: Take a look at some of the fresh finds you'll discover at FreshDirect.

The company's Facebook page includes spotlights on appetizing treats, healthy veggies and fruits, and seasonal offerings as well as promotional videos and links to related apps.

Despite somewhat higher prices, especially on produce and dairy, I do much of my in-store grocery shopping at Whole Foods for the quality of the product. Fresh Direct seems, essentially, to be the online version of Whole Foods. It takes most of the seasonality out of cooking when you can choose from two pages of fresh tomatoes smack in the middle of January. Grocery shopping online also saves me trips to the store.

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All that from one online order and one trip to the store. I have no affiliation with either Peapod or Fresh Direct and all opinions express are very much my own. Your email address will not be published. My food philosophy in a nutshell. I'm Tessa, blogger and chef behind Natural Comfort Kitchen. Find out more about me, NCK, and my love for healthy, delicious food here.