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After being placed on hold for five minutes, I was told that they could "put my order in now and get it to me within 40 minutes". When I asked what the issue was, I was told that the "systems were down". No apology, discount or anything. I'm only rating it a 2 star because we did get our food within the 40 minutes and it was good. We've ordered from here for years, but after having the same type of problems with the Carol stream location, and the same poor customer service, I don't think we will be ordering again.

No one should wait two hours for a pizza and pay full price.

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Great food. Very delicious. And the driver delivering the food was really nice and friendly. For sure will order again. Best part of the order was the pizza bread. Food was just not as good as usual. Was not impressed with the overpriced steak sandwich. I just didn't care for it. Pizza breads were not are good as usual. Great service. Bit pricey but good once in a while as a treat. I wish they had gluten free pasta in stock more often because I've had to cancel a bunch of orders because they didn't.

You'd think that after 20 times in a year or not having it they'd stock it more frequently, they'd learn from that, but they haven't. One little complaint. Otherwise pizza is amazing. Ordered for a company lunch the food was delivered on time and they even helped set the food up. White cottage has excellent pizza and my gram gets the chicken strips. So good. Always ordering here for pizza and chicken. Serously waited two hours, called the restaurant and they never put my order in, put me on hold and hung up on me.

Finally, the manager talks to me and says she can have the order out in 10mins, been over a half hour and still no delivery. Very very unsastisfied with the service today. The cardboard soaks up the smell. Consistent quality and good food! Delivered Hot, pleasant delivery folks too! Restaurant forgot my order, stated it was being made and out for delivery, but turns out 30 minutes after the estimated delivery time the food was never made and it took over two hours from order time to get my food. I order from here frequently since they're close to my work but this is the 2nd time I asked for no cucumber and no onion and the request was ignored.

Delicious, but so late. Estimated delivery was They were about 30 minutes before their estimated time. I got the gravy cheese fries which came with sour cream, and it was delicious, just the right amount of sour cream. I also got the chicken tenders, which were cooked perfectly, not too much breading, and the BBQ sauce was sooo good.

My order has been wrong multiple times. Food is great, but kills the experience when your order is incorrect. Order was placed at 6: The restaurant picked up and said the order would be out of the restaurant in another 10 minutes from this time. We ordered 2 salads and a buffalo chicken wrap. I mapped it.

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They gave me the wrong order it was supposed to be chicken and it was a burger, after biting into the burger there was something hard in the actual patty. Mos disgusting food I have ever had. Their wraps are also listed as wheat but are actually flour. Looks like they can only handle a pizza menu. I love White Cottage!

Their pan pizza is the best I ever had. They're the best: The chicken smelled funny and they were really late. Came on time but I asked for no onions and no cucumbers and it came with both. You can never go wrong on ordering anything from their menu. Its a little pricey but worth it. Delivery sometimes takes too long. However food is great!

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They advertised they were open at 8 am, but called me shortly after placing my order and telling me the earliest I could get my delivery is Enter an address. Sign in. White Cottage Pizzeria. Menu About Reviews. This restaurant is not taking online orders, but will be soon. Next delivery at 2: New China Pearl Asian, Cantonese Marino's Pizzeria American, Pizza. Most ordered in your neighborhood. Green St. Grille American, Lunch Specials Doctor Dogs American, Cheesesteaks Next delivery at 3: Taqueria los Maizales. Rosati's Pizza - Elmhurst. Beef and Pizza Lunch Specials, Pizza.

Crossroads American, Hamburgers Rosati's Pizza Calzones, Lunch Specials China Bowl Asian, Chinese Sponsored restaurants in your area. Burger King. La Scarpetta Italian, Lunch Specials Bavaria Hof German, Lunch Specials Next delivery at Most Popular. Mozzarella Sticks.

Stuffed Breadedsticks. French Fries. Fettuccine Alfredo. Thin Crust Cheese Pizza. Thick Crust Cheese Pizza. Pan Cheese Pizza. Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza. Canned Soda. Large Bottled Water. Arizona Iced Tea. Appetizers and Sides. Chicken Wings. Boneless Wings. Chicken Tenders. Baked Clams. Coconut Shrimp. Fried Shrimp. Jalapeno Poppers. Loaded Potato Skins.

Fried Calamari. Popcorn Chicken. Fried Platter. Onion Rings. Fried Mushrooms. Fried Zucchini. Pizza Bread. Cheesy Garlic Bread. Garlic Bread. Chipotle Bacon Cheddar Fries. Buffalo and Blue Cheese Fries. Mozzarella Caprese. Gravy Cheese Fries. Minestrone Soup. Soup of the Day. Antipasto Salad. Caprese Salad. Greek Salad. Cobb Salad. Raspberry Walnut Chicken Salad.

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Garden Salad. Caesar Salad. Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad. Chopped Salad. Bleu Steak Wrap. Bleu Steak Wrap Combo. Chicken Caesar Wrap. Chicken Caesar Wrap Combo. Buffalo Chicken Wrap. Buffalo Chicken Wrap Combo. Italiano Sub. Italiano Sub Combo. Artichoke Chicken Sub. Artichoke Chicken Sub Combo. House Sub. House Sub Combo. Caprese Sub. Caprese Sub Combo. Caprese Sub with Prosciutto. Caprese Sub Combo with Prosciutto. Turkey and Spinach Panini. Turkey and Spinach Panini Combo. Chipotle Ham Panini. Chipotle Ham Panini Combo. Linguini, Shrimp and Spinach. Linguini, Chicken and Broccoli.

Linguini, Shrimp and Broccoli. Linguini and Clams. Linguini Calamari. Shrimp Diavolo. Tortellini Veneziana. Tortellini Panna. Tortellini Marinara. Rigatoni Campagnola. Rigatoni in Vodka Sauce. Penne Arrabbiata. Shrimp and Broccoli Alfredo. Gnocchi Florentine. Gnocchi Marinara. Spaghetti Aglio E Oilio. Spaghetti with Marinara. Mostaccioli with Marinara. Rotolo Spinach. Ravioli Marinara.

Artichoke Ravioli. Chicken Parmigiana. Veal Parmigiana. Eggplant Parmigiana. Chicken Marsala. Chicken Limone. Boneless Chicken Vesuvio. Bone-In Chicken Vesuvio. Half Chicken Dinner Bone-In. Roasted Chicken Oreganato Dinner. Chicken by the Piece. Firehouse Burger. Firehouse Burger Combo. Bacon and Blue Burger. Bacon and Blue Burger Combo. Cheeseburger Combo. Hamburger Combo.

Aloha Burger. Aloha Burger Combo. Chef Burger. Chef Burger Combo. Texas Burger. Texas Burger Combo. Hot Sandwiches.

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Chicken Ranch Sandwich. Chicken Ranch Sandwich Combo. Firehouse Chicken Sandwich. Firehouse Chicken Sandwich Combo. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Combo. Aloha Chicken Sandwich. Aloha Chicken Sandwich Combo. Chicken Sandwich. Chicken Sandwich Combo.

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Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich. Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich Combo. Eggplant Parmigiana Sandwich. Eggplant Parmigiana Sandwich Combo. Veal Parmigiana Sandwich. Veal Parmigiana Sandwich Combo. Fish Sandwich. Fish Sandwich Combo. Pepper and Egg Sandwich. Pepper and Egg Sandwich Combo.

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Steak Sandwich. Steak Sandwich Combo. Philly Cheese Steak. Philly Cheese Steak Combo. Chef's Cheesy Beef Sandwich. Chef's Cheesy Beef Sandwich Combo. Cheesy Beef Sandwich. Cheesy Beef Sandwich Combo. BBQ Beef Sandwich. Italian Beef Sandwich. Italian Beef Sandwich Combo. Sausage Sandwich. Sausage Sandwich Combo. Sausage with Red Sauce. Sausage with Red Sauce Combo. Meatball Sandwich. Meatball Sandwich Combo. Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich. Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich Combo.

Beef and Sausage Combo Sandwich. Beef and Sausage Combo Sandwich Combo. Jumbo Panzerotti. Cheese Pizza. Specialty Pizza. White Cottage Special Pizza. White Cottage Deluxe Pizza. White Cottage Supreme Pizza. Florentine Pizza. Buffalo Wing Pizza. BBQ Deluxe Pizza. Veggie Pizza. Italian Beef Special Pizza. Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Meat Lovers Pizza. Chicken Ranch Pizza. Bianca Pizza. Margarita Pizza. Picante Pizza. Hawaiian Pizza. Mexican Beef Pizza.

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Ribs Dinner. Fish Filet Dinner. Tilapia de Jonghe. Lunch Pizza. Lunch 8" Individual Pizza. Chocolate Lovin' Spoon Cake. Molten Lava Cake. Nutella Poppers. Homemade Cannoli. Homemade Tiramisu. Chocolate Brownie. Lemon Ice Sorbet. Lezza Spumoni. Utensils, Plates, and Napkins. A definite re-order and the included napkins, decent plastic ware, condiments and a wet nap, how nice! The only negative to tell is small portions for the pretzel and curds. Great portions for the garlic fries. If you want different sauces, they don't look at your choices on grub hub so make sure to call.

Food was delicious and the staff is friendly and helpful. The food was cold and the Caesar salad had no dressing. I love crossroads but my whole order was wrong. They forgot the egg on my burger and the Cajun mayo. They didn't put the sauce on the side for the wings and forgot the garlic teriyaki. The burger was not that great because it didn't have anything really on it.

Replied June 02, My wife ordered a burger and asked for no mushrooms because she's allergic, it came covered in mushrooms. It completely ruined her dinner and she cried. I also asked for no mushrooms on my cheese steak and it came with no mushrooms but also came with no cheese for a cheesesteak sandwich! I felt like I threw my money away. The driver was very nice and the only good thing that came from that order.

It's not the drivers fault at all the restaurant forgot the sauce for my wings I needed my sauce or else I wouldn't have ordered them. This place constantly messes up the order, but I keep going back because I like the food. Tonight the order was messed up again, the manager explained why menu had changed but would send me over. I ordered a honey mustard wrap, with no tomato. It arrived after an hour and a half, with tomato. The wrap also completely fell apart when I went to pick it up. Absolutely disgusting. Maybe dining in would be a better experience.

I also called after an hour fifteen and asked where my food was placed my order at about I would honestly give them 0 stars if I could. A ridiculous waste of time and money. Mango habenero sauce is not at all spicy. It looks like a mango jelly. I would order again, try different sauces next time. Missing cheese on the garlic - cheese fries ordered boneless.. Food that was received tasted ok.. It was a terrible experience it took almost 3 hours to get food from.

I called the store and was told my food wasn't supposed to be delivered till 9pm when the app on my phone said 8 and I ordered it at My food didn't arrive till needless to say I was not happy seeing as this is the second time I've gotten bad service using this app.

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Received food faster then expected. Never had a complaint with their service. Two times I've order from here it has been wrong. Enter an address. Sign in. Menu About Reviews. Most Popular. Garlic Parmesan Cheese Fries. Cheese Curds. Funion Onion Burger. Smokey Brisket Rolls. Bang Bang Shrimp. The Roads Jalapenos. Loaded Quesadilla. Mix and Match Sliders. Chicken Strips. Funion Onions. Jumbo Tater Kegs. Pub Cheese Stuffed Pretzel Sticks. Spinach Artichoke Dip. Super Scott's Pizza Bread. Buffalo Wings. Boneless Wings.

Hangover Burger. The Hot Mess. Wood Dale Burger. Crossroads Burger. Blacken Blues Burger. O'Perry Melt. The Turkey Burger. Double Grilled-Cheese Burger. Porkapalooza Burger. Beyond Burger. The Bourdain. Crossroads Cheesesteak. Dixie Chicken. Smoke House Sandwich. Turkey Club. The U. Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap. Cajun Shrimp Tacos. Blackened Prime Rib. Cajun Fish Sandwich. Crossroads Buffalo Chicken.

Dj's Fish Tacos. Hawaiian Chicken. Pot Roast Sandwich. Cobb Chicken Salad. Grilled Chicken Salad. Blackened Chicken Salad. Chicken Caesar Salad. Wedge Salad. Dinner Salad. Tomato, Artichoke, Bread Soup. Soup Of The Day. Homemade Chili. Mini Key Lime Pie. Hours Today Pickup: Reviews for Crossroads. Here's what people are saying: Sort by: Most recent Highest rated.

Joey 1 week ago. Top reviewer. Joey ordered: Kathleen Jan 11, Kathleen ordered: Peggy Jan 03, Peggy ordered: Bret Jan 03, Bret ordered: Elizabeth Dec 17, Elizabeth ordered: Karen Dec 15, Karen ordered: Colleen Nov 27, Colleen ordered: Luis Nov 21, Luis ordered: BreeAnn Oct 27, BreeAnn ordered: