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Since mid, commencing with Island Line trains, MTR has begun creating more luggage space by removing some seats and replacing with wall-mounted supports see right of picture for standing passengers Mobile phone signals can be received throughout the whole system and 4G technology was introduced at the busiest stations from late and was available throughout the whole network by mid However, platform screen doors will be installed at the 22 stations on these lines during construction of the new Sha Tin to Central Link Line which is due to open in The programme for retro-fitting platform screen doors was funded by a ten cent levy on all journeys taken using Octopus Card which commenced in and ended in December , two years ahead of the original date.

In October MTR began testing of new signalling systems which will be phased in across the network over a year period, commencing with East Rail Line. Directions to lines and platforms within MTR interchange stations are clearly signed. Information boards indicate which exits are nearest to local buildings and attractions.

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Luggage is allowed on the MTR but, for safety reasons, passengers are requested to use the lifts where available rather than escalators Since MTR Corporation has brought into service 22 new trains and renovated 69 existing trains internally to make boarding and disembarking easier and also make trains easier for disabled passengers to use. New internal and external colour schemes have been introduced with white, green and purple replacing silver, red and blue.

The additional trains were to acquired to cope with the increase in passengers following opening in August of the Kowloon Southern Link which connects East Rail and West Rail.

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Four of the new trains underwent testing on the Kwun Tong Line from October with the first new train being introduced into service on 7th December By March five new trains were in service enabling additional journeys a week and increased service frequencies on the Tsuen Wan Line at peak times and on the Tseung Wan, Kwun Tong and Island Lines at weekends. Floors, designed to reduce noise from under the train, and rubber seals fitted around door frames ensure quieter journeys. The tendering process was completed by the end of April and a final decision on whether to replace or refurbish is expected to be made in July or August after the four tenders have been evaluated.

The trains are part of the fleet of 98 first generation trains manufactured by UK based Metro-Cammell, most of which 83 were introduced in , 15 in , all of which were refurbished in The trains will be delivered between and and will incorporate new features including an improved lighting system designed to make trains feel more spacious, dynamic route maps, double branched handrails throughout the carriages to better meet the needs of standing passengers and more comfortable straphangers.

One pair of seats located near the doors in selected carriages of trains on each of these lines are designated Priority Seats with the intention that these be offered to people in need such as elderly, pregnant, handicapped or injured. During the first month of the pilot MTR Ambassadors on board trains rewarded passengers who offer their seats to others with free single-journey tickets. A further fare increase of 2. From 17th June , a fare increase, averaging 5. Single-journey ticket fare adjustments are made in units 50 cents MTR Ticket Issuing Machines accept coins in denominations of 50 cents, 1 dollar, 2 dollars, 5 dollars and 10 dollars.

Following a five-yearly review of the fare adjustment mechanism FAM by the government, MTR fares were further increased by 2. Under the new formula agreed between the government and MTR, a more objective and transparent methodology is used to calculate the value of the Productivity Factor in the FAM formula. A further fare increase averaging 3. The rise has again been calculated in accordance with the government's revised Fare Adjustment Mechanism.

The fare increase will be the fifth consecutive year in which fares have risen.

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In March the government requested MTR to bring forward a review of its fare adjustment mechanism by one year to following public concern over MTR's profitability and passenger affordability. There will also be a 30 cents discount for passengers switching between the MTR network and over green minibus routes. MTR fares will rise by an overall average of 2. Owing to "fare rounding" following fare adjustments, whereby single-journey ticket fares are priced in increments of 50 cents and Octopus fares are priced in increments of 20 cents there have, until recently, been a number of journeys where Octopus fares are more expensive than single-journey ticket fares.

In MTR revised its policy on service suspension during adverse weather conditions. Work commenced in September From early January an extra carriage was added to existing 7-carriage trains operating on West Rail Line. In November MTR announced that its fleet of fifteen 4-car trains operating on the Ma On Shan Line will be replaced by 8-car trains over a period of about twelve months commencing early Completion was originally expected in but difficulties encountered with excavation works in the vicinity of Admiralty Station delayed the opening.

The line is a "medium-capacity" system capable of carrying up to 20, passengers per hour in each direction and will serve both residents of the south side of Hong Kong Island and tourists travelling from existing and future attractions. It is also hoped that the new line will help relieve congestion at the Aberdeen Tunnel by encouraging passengers to transfer from road to rail. The line is fully automated and operates with driverless trains. Trains will operate at about 3-minute frequency and journey times will take 12 minutes from South Horizons to Admiralty, 6 minutes from Ocean Park to Admiralty and 14 minutes from Ocean Park to Tsim Sha Tsui with interchange at Admiralty.

The line is expected to carry about , passengers a day. A mobile service team will rove around the stations to provide timely and proactive information for passengers.

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There will also be self-service information points for ticketing issues, purchase of single-journey tickets, adding value to Octopus Cards and contacting staff through a video conferencing facility and information counters in the unpaid areas of these stations provide information on station facilities and MTR routes via tablets integrated into the counters. Users of the mainland Alipay wallets will also be able to link their accounts to the Alipay app.

The system is expected to have been rolled out to all MTR stations by mid Alipay will have an exclusive right to operate the QR system for one year to after which three further, so far unnamed, providers will also provide QR payment services.

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The QR system will provide an alternative to the Octopus Card payment system, which will continue to operate. A full revamp to create an even better user interface of this app is to be carried out in late The app also includes a point to point visitor attraction search, Tourist Ticket information, details of Airport Express Shuttle Bus services, Intercity service information and travel tips. It includes notification of train service suspensions or serious disruptions of 20 minutes or more, information on train service when Typhoon Signal No.

The scheme, which benefits some 1. Under the terms of the "Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme for the Elderly and Eligible Persons with Disabilities", the government reimburses transport companies for lost revenue. MTR Single-journey ticket machine. Machines accept coins but not notes. With a few exceptions single journey ticket fares are more expensive than journeys made using Octopus Card. MTR Fare Saver machines are intended to reward people who choose to walk to certain designated MTR stations rather than take buses or taxis.

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Simply "swipe" the Octopus Card over the reader to take advantage of this discount. Current list of locations of machines, designated MTR Stations and amount of discount is available here;. During November MTR installed about 40 portable life-saving defibrillators at 10 of its busiest stations under a trial scheme. During that period defibrillators were used three times and in October MTR decided to equip all 84 MTR stations with defibrillators.

The new trains incorporate CCTV surveillance and a new internal and external livery which is being extended to the existing fleet. The 69 first-generation LRV's were refurbished to improve comfort and capacity in a programme which was completed in MTR Light Rail operates about 2, services a day with each train able to carry up to passengers.

The average daily patronage at the end of is about , The system is supported by a fleet of MTR feeder buses. From April the Light Rail service is to be strengthened with an additional journeys a day, mainly between Tin Shui Wai and Tuen Mun, which will increase the daily passenger capacity of the system to about , These vehicles will replace 30 second generation vehicles which have been in service since and expand the fleet size by an additional 10 vehicles to by , with a phased introduction of the new vehicles into service from The new vehicles will have an improved LED lighting system to improve ambience of the train saloons, additional passenger seats and improved handrails and strap hangers.

The first two vehicles were delivered on 28th December and will undergo testing and commissioning procedures and safety and performance tests and obtaining government approval before being introduced into public service. The remaining 38 vehicles are to be delivered in batches between and Successful applicants can start earning Bonus Points for exciting rewards right away. All promotion offers and rewards of the Airport Express "Ride to Rewards" Programme are not applicable for enrollees using Airport Staff Octopus for registration.

Please click here and enroll now! Rewards are limited, so get yours while stocks last. Click here to download the Account Cancellation Form. Rewards Terms and Conditions for Rewards Redemption Using the registered Octopus for each fare-paying Airport Express ride to any destination or same-day return trip will earn you 1 Bonus Point.

General Terms and Conditions Bonus Points will be automatically credited into member's Airport Express "Ride to Rewards" Programme account two working days after taking the train journey. The accumulated Bonus Points in each individual account are non-transferable.